A very sad day for designers, typographers and anyone who enjoys the delicate appreciation of type.

Adrian Frutiger was one of the most well known typographers and created timeless typefaces including Frutiger, Univers and Avenir.

I have a place in my hear for Frutigers’ work as it was the first TSS (type specimen sheet) I designed in my foundation design year and was really my first step into trying to understand type. While spending hours staring at the letters and trying to think of a suitable layout I fell in love with this typeface.



It was really the first time I had sat down and studied letter form. I grew to appreciate typography all the more after discovering how much work goes into to creating these typefaces.

Adrian Frutiger’s work can be seen all over the world. It is still used for street signs (most notably Westminster in London) and in airports and many global brands.

westminster sign frutiger

You can read in more detail about his work as well as a little history in this Dezeen article.