Yuta Takahashi designed Michael Debus’s book “Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist”. The book attempts to use philosophy to unravel the wisdom handed down in the form of myths and legends.

To the modern person, myths are like veiled fairytales. However, the author of this book tries to use modern ways of thinking to remove the veils from these myths. As the door to forgotten knowledge appears, it’s like going from darkness to daylight.

Through the unique cover art, we represented the idea of multiple layers of doors of knowledge appearing and being opened by thought. On the other side of the door, the letter “I” appears. We represented the reader’s awareness transitioning from darkness to daylight through the use of neutral colors between light and shadow. As a result the book’s appearance is reminiscent of the cloister in church architecture.

This book, which combines modernity and minimalism, ancient knowledge and philosophical thought, has a completely new, unique design.