Here are some good ideas for minimalist interior design for your small apartment. If you have the tiniest of studio apartments then it pays to make use of every last inch of space. There is no specific formula for achieving this but there a few tips that will help you to succeed.

One of the easiest things that you can do is paint all of your walls in bright colors. Then you can use unconventional hidden storage such as an under-bed box and other similar ideas. Multipurpose furniture is another mainstay of a minimalist apartment.

If your living room and kitchen are the same room, then change the flooring in the kitchen to distinguish it. Kitchen islands are also a very good idea when space is at a premium and these can be very useful for storage. You can even close your kitchen off with a glass door.

Depending upon your view on heights, you could have your bed built above your kitchen or living room accessible by a spiral staircase which will not take up much room. You could even have a pull up and down ladder to achieve the same result.

Folding tables and even tables on wheels can be a good idea. You will need a space for these to prevent clutter when you are not using them of course. Multipurpose cabinets with drawers and shelves are also a good space saving idea.

Don’t forget that sofa that doubles up as your bed at night. There are a large number of styles available and often they are undetectable as sofa beds. You could even have your bed built into the wall so that you just pull it down at night when it is time to retire.

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Minimalist Condominium Bedroom Interior Design

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