Classical physics is the science that studies the immensity that surrounds us ; the infinitely big. On the contrary, quantum physics describes the behavior of nanoscopic objects, such as molecules, atoms or particles; the infinitely small.

The essence of my project is to see physics differently, to provide it a playful and attractive dimension. It is an artistic and aesthetic interpretation of a selection of fundamental theories of classical and quantum physics. Quantum physics is full of mysteries, strangenesses and paradoxes which require us to rethink how we conceive the matter, and even physics in a general way because it plays with our intuitions. In order to approach it, it is necessary to recreate a metaphoric imagery echoing these quantum weirdness. This project is articulated around a photographic and plastic work close to abstraction, at the heart of the matter. Then, comes an editorial project, under the shape of a box containing two booklets outlining the worlds of the infinitely small and the infinitely big.


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