Jake Dyson and his team have spent the better part of 10 years perfecting their own lighting technology to overcome the issues that come with current LEDs. Now, they’ve joined the Dyson company to further advance their work and Jake will be working with Dyson’s 2,000 engineers to make it happen. The results of Jake Dyson’s extensive research have already led to an incredible design – his CSYS™ LED task light.Dyson-Lighting-2-CSYS-600x727 Dyson-Lighting-4-CSYS-600x769 Dyson-Lighting-5-CSYS-600x769 Dyson-Lighting-6-CSYS-tall-600x825 Dyson-Lighting-7-CSYS-600x793 Dyson-Lighting-8-CSYS-600x600 Dyson-Lighting-1-CSYS