Cocoon is a 360 degree immersive video installation by Factory Fifteen. Cocoon places the viewer inside several shells of abstract and figurative architectural spaces, which slowly peel away. Cocoon believes architecture is not static, it is transitory, evolving, animated. Our city is our cocoon. 34f798bcb9f837b761820d932124d80e 48af80f551cc2a9fdfd0bc6e2c506b9c 6695a9279d9b2e4eaa05c0a7946ec0fe 491709ea7c26466a89d38072226c883d 09663408c0362f8936bf8eec4aed8801 b70369e7ec5734cf752f4e985656a82a ea4d4c74943e03ba277c0475fc05183113