The design was around minimising site impact, with its small 110 sqm footprint camouflaged with indiginous planting and staggered fence lines to blur the boundary lines of the property. The cabin is hidden and embedded into the landscape with a folding roof supported by a skeletal timber frame provide structural and architectural honesty. – See more at: ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_01of10-650x433 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_04of10-650x433 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_05of10-650x416 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_06of10-650x433 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_07of10-650x433 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_08of10-650x434 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_09of10-650x433 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_11of12-650x597 ATDA2014-449_Cabin2_12of12