After three successful years, appearing twice in Central Park, New York and once in Strathclyde Park, Glasgow; Size and Steve Angello finally brought Size In The Park to Kungsträdgården, Stockholm in 2014.
We based all promotion around one simple graphical element; a rectangle with the shape of the park from above. It’s not an obvious statement but enough to provoke a response when used in the right way. The campaign was activated through TV and radio spots, print ads, posters and billboards, HD projections around the city and cars wrapped with the SITP artwork.
At the day of the event 50.000 people gathered in Kungsträdgården and the one day festival was streamed live online for the whole world to take part. Rebels Studios provided our team to capture the entire event and in the aftermath we created a branded coffee table book as well as a recap film for all fans to enjoy.
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