I’ve always enjoyed Letterpress. At LCC university we have some amazing facilities for letterpress. Slate Press have created a desktop based letterpress machine that can be used at home. It looks awesome, but as you’d expect with anything letterpress it’s expensive with early bird pledges starting at $1,095.

Check out some of the images below.

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Tech Specs

  • All aluminum base, housing and press carriage
  • Press works with type-high metal or wood type, using the provided chase
  • Press works with photopolymer plates, using the provided base plate
  • Integrated gauge pin system, holds paper securely during operation
  • Press platen is adjustable for fine-tuning print location and impression depth
  • Ink roller system uses a triple-roller configuration to extend time between inking
  • Rollers are precision diameter NBR with steel cores
  • Ink roller system uses a quick change feature, allowing the operator to swap the roller assembly, changing colors in seconds (additional roller assembly required)
  • Universal AC to DC power supply – US standard 110/120 VAC or European standard 220/240 VAC
  • 17″ Wide x 26″ Long x 10″ Tall
  • The prototypes were 80 lbs – with production tooling and final design for manufacturability (DFM), we have a target weight of 65 lbs or less (remember it’s made from aluminum and steel – this isn’t a cheap plastic press)

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here to see the machine in action, it looks awesome.