Columbia Abstract 2013/14
This years Abstract is based on attraction and repulsion. A metaphor always present in the teachings of former Dean, Mark Wigley during his 10 year tenure. The University attracted students to NYC to study and then repelled them into the world to experience Architecture within the field, around the globe.

The publication features an extruded PVC ‘A’ encapsulating iron shavings that can be moved around cover with the accompanying magnet. It also features a custom typeface entitled ABTRACT. Coming in four weights, it is a customized version of Pendleton by Erik Carter. 2f5c4d46ac117a1dc2b436fb84a9f528 18be203061f2366469e123467ce992a4 24a8487a35008f84077022b2f17e4ee5 231b12cf6a1e435c3a344a99c18a1067 293bc0aaefe7282d9f768193de618857 5183d9ec570408bcd90935d58adca8be 25577d0417fc4a995e188cb09e62b2c1 95574e1e40078626ff0afa28105cfd15 cc7303baecbbb23ec0d10a088d2ebf1f d2b62c9819078bacdfd16c94c515edc8 f417e7c932874f2528960f0c0ee0e719 fe7efa5716c2265a79d1c41f79b041e8