The grunge aesthetic was all the rage in the 90’s and you can thank a lot of it to the so-called godfather of grunge, David Carson. If you don’t know who he is go Google ‘Raygun Cover Design’ and you’ll get some great inspiration on how to incorporate these free textures into your designs. I’ve been digging around and selected the highest quality ones that I can find. These free grunge textures will bring that gritty and raw aesthetic to your designs, so go ahead and enjoy.

Bittbox 4 Free Grungy Paper Textures

Free Vector Grunge Texture In Blue And Beige

White grunge distressed texture set

Essence of a dream

Design Shard – Fully Stained Paper Textures

Handmade Paper Texture

Vintage Grunge Paper Texture

20th Century Brown Vintage Paper

Light And Grungy Paper Texture

Dirty White Paper Texture

Japanese Paper Texture

Colored Grunge Paper Texture

Hand Dyed Stained Paper Texture

Brown Stained Paper Texture

FudgeGraphics 6 Free Grunge Paper Textures

Grunge Paper Art Texture Pack